About Us

Dr. B.R.Ambedkar English  Model school was established in 2009.it is situated Anandanagar and sorrounded by natural beauty. It is a residential school and two hostels for boys and girls are attached with it. Students belongs to Scheduled caste resides in these two hostels. The school performs well in scholastic as well as co-scholastic fields every year.

School Library: The school houses a spacious library with a large colle+B60:O64ction of books for the leader all ages. Besides, there is a large collection of reference books on all subjects for the students of classes Vi to XII. There is a reading Conner adjacent to  the library for quiet study , the library  has in store more than 1500 books and we are adding in this  repository each year with an insatiable  trust for knowledge.

Assembly Hall: Assembly Hall of DR.B.R.Ambedkar English Model School is quite airy and neat and clean. It is having a dais and proper sound system along with retractable seating arrangement. It serves dual purpose of the school-by providing space for regular assembly and as an auditorium for cultural program.

Smart Class: Today, as the traditional chalk and Talk method of teaching  is not sufficient to satisfy the various demands of the student so we have set Smart Classroom to cater to the needs of the  and students. Classes on various subjects are held here where the students can have access to a vast store of knowledge beyond thwe prescribed text.


Play Grounds: A big sized playground provide the arena where all the sports related activities are held.

Music Room: Students are taught Hindustani vocal music ,patriotic,Rabindra sangeet& Nazrul geeti as a co-curricular subject from class-V onwards.


Canteen: The canteen caters to the need of both the students and staff of the school. Good quality food at affordable prices is available here. MDM workers also prepares and serves the mid-day-meal of the school.